Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Easy Way to Monetize Your Website - Money4Banners!

I’ve recently come across a great way to monetize your website besides obvious techniques like Google AdSense and Affiliate links. Money4Banners is a web site advertising network that uses a 468x60 banner to display advertising on partner websites.

Publishers can place banner ads on their website and receive 5 pounds every month the banners remain active on their website! also gives publishers 10 pounds just for signing up. Its really a fantastic way to monetize your site. From the Money4Banners website: is an advertising network.

Our clients join our network in order to find a more cost effective way to increase their market reach.

Our philosophy is why advertise on one big Website that charges a fortune when you can advertise on lots and lots of smaller sites, increase your market reach and save a fortune.

In return for allowing us to place a small client banner advertisement on 3 pages of your Website we will give you £10.00 for signing up and £5.00 for every month our banner remains on your site.

Its as simple as that.

The best part about Money4Banners is that it offers a win/win solution for publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can feature their website on lots and lots of smaller websites tailored to their audience, while publishers have an easy way to monetize their website or blog.

Everything I’ve read about the program is very positive with payments being made on time and great email support.

If you want to get started visit to signup!

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